Automator Upgrade Service

The Automator Upgrade Service provides a simple way of getting more out of your Automator Bot. This creates up to a 6x better chance of gaining members than our free version!

Server ID (Run -serverid to get this)

Setup Bot Premium (x3 Servers)

Setup bot sets up your server in 1 command. It will set up roles, channels and permissions, assign roles, etc. It gives you the perfect start to a professional Discord server!


Hydro Plus

Hydro Plus is the ultimate upgrade to the original Hydro. Allows unlimited items in your store!


Server ID (Run +serverid to get this)

TDE Partnership

Advertise your guild to our 9,000 server members!
This bypasses partnership requirements

Partnership Options
Discord Username

Automator Diamond

Automator Diamond is a 1 time payment which sends your ad to all of Automators guilds! (Over 9,000 servers and over 1 million total members!)


Discord Username